Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 4: Join me as we find out how quickly can I lose $1,040.73!

This week was another double digit week.  I needed this shot in the arm as last week's similar losses had me doubting my new investing system.  Still, this week's gains were not enough to put me back on target.  Had I achieved my goal of 10% weekly growth, with compounding I'd be up 46.41% right now.  As it is, I am up only 41.34%.  I am hoping that with the lessons learned from Week 3, I'll be able to limit my losses and get back on track.

Another thing that is getting kind of tricky is how much should I increase the size of my trades as my account keeps growing.  I obviously have to increase the trade size in order to keep the same percentage growth on a growing account.  However, if I increase it too much or too soon, I run the risk of sucking up all my margin and wiping my holdings.  This actually happened in Week 3.  So far, I have settled on increasing 1 mini lot on one of my strategies every time the account goes up $500.  Next mini lot increase is when the account reaches $2,000.  Hopefully, in 3 weeks.

Starting Capital:     $1,040.73
Current Balance:    $1,470.97

Performance:    41.34%

Week    Performance
  1                13.14%
  2                17.71%
  3              - 10.54%
  4                18.62%


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