Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 3: Join me as we find out how quickly can I lose $1,040.73!

Last week was our first losing week.  Even though we did recover a good part of the initial loss, we still closed the week down 10.54% from when the week started.  A lot of the people that post on the forex forums I read also had similar losses so I will chuck it down to the market and not my strategy.  I hope this week proves to be a bit more sane.  The whipsaws and fakeouts of last week were just crazy.  Funny enough, I run a second account that had about $680 when the week started.  I tried some short term conservative strategies in that one with no aggressive strats.  That account actually went up 5% for the week.  Maybe I should keep track of both accounts to see how the strategies compare.

Our current performance is not bad.  I certainly won't complain if after 12 months of trading I end up averaging 6% per week.  However, I am shooting for 10%.

Starting Capital:     $1,040.73
Current Balance:    $1,240.02

Performance:    19.15%

Week    Performance
  1                13.14%
  2                17.71%
  3              - 10.54%


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