Friday, November 2, 2012

Week 5: Unholy Profits

This was our fourth double digit winning week.  To the tune of 39.05% for the week, I'd say our week was immorally good.  A couple of changes made mid-week contributed to our success, I think.  I got rid of a strategy that had lost me about $153 by Wednesday.  This is about 15% of our starting capital so it is not acceptable.  Although for the 5 weeks the strategy still netted us a few percentage points, I'd rather get rid of it and put more money in the strategies that are currently netting us higher percentages.  I also incorporated a new strategy that proved surprisingly profitable in the 2.5 days that I traded it.  Although I do not expect any more 30%+ weeks in the rest of my life, I hope that this week's changes will make the goal of 10% profits per week easier to achieve.

Last week, I was 5.07% behind schedule.  I should've been up 46.41% and was up 41.34%.  This week's performance  now puts us ahead of schedule by 19.34%.  Target profit for Week 5 was $1,676.11 or 61.05%.  At the close of trading today, our balance was $1,877.37 or 80.39%.  Target for Week 6 is $1,843.72 or 77.16%.  As long as I don't have a big losing week, I should be able to stay on target.  However, home run weeks like this one are usually followed by market triple plays, where the market just shuts down my strategies and hands me significant losses.  Next week should be an interesting one.

Starting Capital:        $1,040.73
Current Balance:       $1,877.37

Performance:        80.39%

Week    Performance
  1                13.14%
  2                17.71%
  3              - 10.54%
  4                18.62%
  5                39.05%


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