Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Test Results Week 7: Up 20.07%

Test Week 7 started on November 24 and ended on November 30, 2010.  I placed 6 trades, with no losers.  Can't say I traded with 100% accuracy, though.  One of my trades just resulted in getting stopped out at my entry price.  Still, that is always better than a loss.  My goal was to make $29.00 or 12.33% of the amount I started Test Week 7 with.  Instead I made $47.20 or 20.07%.

Test Week 7 was a little unusual in that there was a day that I did not trade even though the market was open.  That day was Thursday, November 25.  I was invited to an awesome Thanksgiving dinner on the island's east coast, so I left home early and came back late.  I do not think I even turned on the computer that day so I cannot even talk about missed trading opportunities...  and with 20% profits in one week, who cares about missed trading opportunities?

In my last post I talked about changing the way in which I was reading my indicators.  I know that this change saved me from what would have been  a big wipe out trade this week.  I think I am now getting less opportunities than before but I am hoping that they are more solid and with a higher probability of success than the previous signals.  It seemed to work out that way this past week.  Let's see what happens in the ongoing week.

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