Friday, June 4, 2010

Close Trade No. 2

Our second trade closed out this morning at 5:02 a.m., for a profit of $720.00 or 13.08% in about two days and eleven hours.

I have further modified my strategy and this will be the subject of an upcoming entry. Since I implemented these setting changes before our trade closed, the EA opened a third trade for 0.35 lots at 1.2164. I modified it to close with the previously opened orders instead of at 1.2064. This netted us an additional $94.50 or 1.72% in about twelve hours. Considering that as I write this the EurUsd is at 1.2048, maybe that wasn't a good move. I would have made $350.00 instead.

I really have to stop kicking my self for stuff like this. Profits of 13.08% in two days is good. You can't squeeze every single cent out of any market.

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