Monday, May 31, 2010

Pro Forex Robot Gives The Pole to 1000 Buyers... AND 96%+ LUVED IT!

I bought the Pro Forex Robot and am testing it out on another live account. I'll give it about 45 days of live trades before I decide to keep it or return it. In any event, yesterday I got an email from the PFR people. Where relevant, it states that:

We can confidently say this as we have poled 1000 PFR members and had a 96%+ positive rating.

As I understand it, and I must confess English is my second language, when you give a poll to a group of people, you have polled them. When you give the shaft, when you nail or when you give the pole to a group of people, you have poled them.

To the extent that 96%+ of PFR members enjoyed getting the pole from the PFR people, I'll be the first in line when PFR puts out its version of the Kama Sutra.

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